Usrah Institution or IU is known as one of the earliest registered club, among other clubs, that has been existed since the establishment of the university which was way back in 1996. In general, the club’s main objective of its existence is to spread the message of Islam, practice ‘amar makruf & nahi mungkar’ which means to convey the good and to abstain the things which are prohibited in Islam. 

Initially, Usrah Institution was ‘born’ in Melaka Campus. During the early years, the Cyberjaya Campus was still under construction when the university had already formed, but the main campus was in Melaka. Only when the Cyberjaya Campus had finished constructed, some of the clubs had ‘moved’ to the Cyberjaya Campus. 

Over the years, Usrah Institution has held many programs and events. Some of which had achieved great success among other clubs in the campus. Not to mention, some of which had achieved even a greater success among clubs in other university as well.


Usrah Institution constitutes 6 bureaus in which each bureau has its own set of objectives. The bureaus are:

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